Sorry for hardly any new content in the past few months. I have been busy shooting new pictures since last year and some are still under process to look how to add and get some more pictures in it.

BUT the good news is now, that over the comming weeks they will be added to the site.

And as you know, due the pandemic crisis from Covid-19, the con events have all been canned this yes. Yeah sorry no new CCXP, Feencon nor Gamescom this year.

So everyone, please be safe and stay healthy. Keep your distance and wear your masks.

Newly Added:



  • I finally want to credit most of the furs who made pictures for me, when I was in my suit and are uploaded here: Hawaiiwolf, Karasaph, Tanor, Keck Fuchs and Moonwolf Luna.
  • Most Galleries under Photography, will get pictures added to them. Newest ones always goes first.

Whats comming up:

  • New content.
  • Splitting up from Photography menu to separate the event sub-menu into its own main menu.

Release of each upcoming item, will not follow in the listed way.

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