Newly Added:


  • Updated gallery look from Larp Convenetion – Fark. Changes are no longer several galleries, but one, set per year.

Website rules:

  • Website update posts, that are older then 3 months, will be archived.
  • Website update posts, that are a year old, will be deleted.
  • As noticed, most Galleries now have pages. Each page will hold 50 pictures.

Whats comming up:

  • Website now is fully set up with all menu topics, new content will come in due time.
  • Working on the event page, to try and get it better, so one might see an event pop up on and off.
  • About me page will get some info.
  • Rework of all Galleries to a new look.

Release of each upcoming item, will not follow in the listed way.


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