Well It has been a very eventful weekend (I know this review comes kinda late, hey I had to recover).

Pity it was such a short weekend and I wish it latest longer. The convention even ended on my Birthday, which ended into something special.

I have met old and new people. I had fun again being me, the lion I am, being a barbarian lion.

To make this review easier. I have planned to build it up as an Q and A, so I do not trail off. I will be adding more questions when they come.

So let us get started.

What is Fark?

Well Fark is a convention for Fantasy and Roleplay. Next to it is FARK also a pure charity convention, with free entry and anyone can spend some money for charity to help projects in Saarland to help children in need.

If you wanted to know. Yes, even this lion did do donations. I donated round 50€.

Since Fark is a Fantasy and Roleplay Convention you will see things bout and round these aspects, like LARP, gaming rounds, Fantasy and sci-fi books, roleplays and cosplays.

So now I know what FARK is, but what is the difference between it and things like Drachenfest and other cons you go to?

Well the difference between Fark and Drachenfest is huge. Although it is hard for me to get to drachenfest, for 2 reasons. 1) getting that time off at work and 2) not enough experience yet to act out right.

With the second reason one can already see out what Drachenfest actual is. One big LARP meeting to fight out battles and LARP, meaning without a medieval fitting costume, you DO NOT even get on it, that even counts if you are just spectator, photographer or spotter.

Comparing it with the other things in this class I go too:

Feencon: Small convention with circa 3000 people, which is mainly based on pen and paper play rounds, with some roleplay and costumes.

RPC: Well Fark can be compared directly with RPC, except that RPC is more based on tabletop games in all ranges and is non charity con.

So in all Fark is build up as a convention RPC build up more as trade fair, yet still a convention. Feencon, small pen and paper play round convention. Drachenfest is a LARP meeting.

Can anyone join FARK?

Yes anyone can. from the visitors to the cosplayers, Roleplayers and Larpers up to those groups owning a boot.

What kind of groups where there?

Well prominent groups where Medieval, the undead, End time and Steampunk. Okay you could call cosplay too, but those is more a scene.

Can I join the Fark in a costume, if yes are their a limits or certain rules?

Yes you can, but if you go in a costume there are some secret rule… Please do not come cheap looking. Put time in your costume, if you make it yourself, which counts for cosplayers.

For fursuiters, for the love of god, if you come partial do not overload your self, it makes you look crappy, you just look weird for everyone. For full suiters, haven a clean and tended suit is really good.

For the rest every other extra detail on costumes are welcome. Like my Armour, which is not sewn on the suit, but really put on it. Oh and watch out for spikes on your costume.

For the rest, the weapon rules is everywhere the same. Which need no extra explanations.

You can go as independent or under wing of a group or fully into a group. All depends on what you do and are.

In my own case, as lion warrior, I was under the wings of Arok, which means I could use his stand, yet I was still independent. If you go like that, it is best do to that with people you know. Also you have to chat with them what can be done and if there things you should do still for them. In my case again, the first costume walk, I was always out with them and also make sure I have alot of pictures of his team.

Does Fark has its own language(s)?

That is a hard question. The general tone is not easily said to be… medieval. for mundanes rough talk and 18+ even among kids, but that is all acceptable due the settings on Fark.

For the rest some of the LARP groups have their own fantasy languages. But there was one language you could learn in a workshop and that is Klingon.

What is the official language on Fark?

The full official language is German. But with English and French you could go far too.

Is there split between in time and off time areas?

Let me first explain what in and off time is meant.

In time is where you stay in your char, for fursuiters it means headless, and keep your costume on.

Off time, means where you are out of your costume fully.

Well I can say it is fluid, since it is hard to just slip out of your costume, if you are not in a group or connected to a stand, or if you have no direct camping space directly on the Convention terrain.

It all depends what you all have planned and what comes between 2 stints.

So the only real off time area would be either the stand of the group you are with, or the camping area.

The reason I said headless for in time, has the weather factor in it. Also the factor depending where the stand is you are with. independent fursuiters even have a harder time then and can then only do really short stints. Headless is also good if you want to move quickly from A to B, but with in time it means, when people ask to take pictures or do something, it means to put your head back on. That is no matter if you a 08/15 fursuiter, a roleplayer suiter, or Larp suiter.

I met 2 wolf furs, well okay one is an undead werewolf. They where always in time. in fursuit stints for the undead, or else in their medieval clothing. Never seen em in their normal cloths on the whole con. Saturday I was always in time, with 2 breaks. on Sunday I was after the first suitwalk off time till the closing cosparade. Aroks Dragon team where only in time when they went out on their walks, for the rest they where off time at their den.

So as you see it is very fluid. It just can’t be compared with furry conventions.

Are there connections to other communities?

Oh hell yeah.

First of the furries. Okay that is 2 sides of the same medallion. It is hard to explain. But I can use my self as example.

This lion, could be connected to several groups:

  • Steampunk: for those steampunkers who are time and dimension travelers and have contact with magical beings of the Aetherworld.
  • Medieval / Fantasy: Well my Armour is more then obvious in that part, with my sword.
  • End time: Mutated lion anyone?

Can this be translated for other species. Yes and no. And it only works for full suiters, Partial suiters have a harder time, to get a connection to the main groups that where on Fark.

Because for partial fursuiters, they need to go that extra mile for cloths and accessory, but for that, they have it also much easier to create a fixed style.

Us full suiters, have it easier in the cloths and accessory department, but we have the problem, that we must go to a store and make our stuff to fit on our fursuit. All my Armour has been fully custom made to fit me, not the person in side the suit.

As said earlier, those 2 wolf have been connected in suit to the undead groups, where as I on Fark atleast, got connected to End Time fully and that no matter how Fantasy I walked with the dragons.

So if you ever wondered as furry, to which roleplay / LARP group you belong best, Fark is the best way to find you. You can stay of course in your own group as furry or cosplayer.

There are also many connections to enactments of movies, TV series and of course anime and video games. Here you could find extremely rare cosplays, you might just heard of, but never seen.

A few examples:

  • ET: full enactment of the boy riding his bike with ET in the basket.
  • Alice in Wonderland: The queen of heart.
  • Asterix and Obelix: YES those where there, including their druid and their bard, plus that one guy with the wolf skin over his head, from one of the old cartoon movies.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Yes, instead of just walking around like most cosplayers did, they tried to enact scenes or just made up as they go. I even had to lend my sword to rocket so he could hunt the person who called him a flea bag

There was just so much to see and do.

What should you best not do on FARK?

  • Being an asocial idiotic twat?
  • Being a butt hurt moron for what you see.
  • Being utterly stereotypical idiot from the county / region you are from.
  • Stereotyping groups, hating groups (met “fursuiters” who hated us furries or wanted nothing to do with us, since a few asocial furries gave them a bad expression of us and refusing for us to show not all of us are like those morons. Every community has there asocial bastards.)
  • Annoying children, who give a flying fuck about your costume (I had to grab a tail puller out of a group visiting the connected museum of Gondowa, at least some friend of him ratted him out and I serious put him into his place. Their overseer did not got in between since I was in my right to lecture the boy)
  • Drunkards. Okay everyone who drank alcohol where consuming it reasonable.
  • Smokers… Who the fuck smoke on cons like that, yes mostly it outside, but come one. The smoke can be stuck in the cloths and you smell rancid, plus the high burn risk of the cigerate get snip away wrong. Those costumes are in 80% of the cases not at all cheap.

Since when does this event exist and why it was made?

Okay now I have to recount… I think that Fark was conceived in 2012, in Saarland, but not at where it is held now.

They had such a success that in 2013 they moved to their current location in Saarland, Schiffweiler-Reden.

Since Fark 2015, the convention runs now every 2 year.

And it sound that for Fark 2019 they will be moving to Saarbrücken. Which sounds so far as speculation. I will keep it updated as more info seeps in.

The real reason why it was chosen as it is, I do not know, but the FARK was meant to be a Charity convention of a special kind.

How many females where there on Fark?

What a weird question, but yeah it is good to know. I personally did not count. but in all it was very evenly between man and female.

And no, you perverts, shame on you, there where not many showing off big boobs or a lot of flesh, except where needed (mermaids anyone?) for the costume, and not just for extra, for just because. Yeah okay… The medieval bathhouse tent they placed in the medieval camp, is an exception.

Where there accidents on the con. Since such cons tends to have accidents of all sorts?

Well let me say this. That bruises are very normal there… All the hugs and cuddling in suits and Armour can lead to those bruises, next to the occasional rough handling in plays.

There where actually 2 accidents that I can recount. It did look that one had an heatstroke. Yes it was hot, but the heat was not so much the problem… It was the extreme humidity that make feel like you are in the sub tropics, but the thing was… He was wearing normal mundane cloths. The best thing, Medics where walking all over the place and where at key points. They even asked a female fur if she was okay. She was just resting on the street with us around her. So no biggy there.

Well the second accident… Involved this lion.

For the closing parade, I was invited to board an heavily modified end time pick up truck. While boarding, my hand paws lost grip on the overhead bar, when I wanted to scale, as my feet sliped. There I went, falling backwards on the dusty rocky floor, with my fursuit on. Oh do not worry, my suit did not got damaged, just a bit dusty. My sword who took the most of the fall, weirdly is fully intact with no dent or scratch at all. During the fall I even hit the driver of the car. Mind you, I did not felt that I hit her. Well all I out of it is some pulled muscles and knackered shoulder blade and ribs on my side.

We heard you had your b-day on Fark. What did you do?

Well first of my spotter Karasaph and the later Arok and his dragons greeted me for B-day. For the rest I got from several others, once I told them it was my b-day.

The height of my b-day was in fact the invitation to get aboard the modified pickup truck to drive to the closing cosparade. Even staying on it and being declared fully as end time.

It felt very nice to on that care in the parade. Mind you I planed to go on the parade anyway, but I did not awaited this.

You said there where furs who also went into the closing parade. What where they grouped with?

Arok his dragon team was hard to tell, since End time has somehow been split up in individual groups. So either they want as the Dragons group or as one of the sub end time groups.

My spotter Karasaph, got officially put with the steampunk, who gladly accepted him fully.

Those 2 wolf I mentioned. They got placed with the undead group.

And I my self, got placed fully into the End time main group of Lost Eden, who went in the back of the parade. Those from Lost Eden, already fully accepted me into their ranks, before the parade.

You said it was a Charity Convention too. How much did they got in donation and how many people where there?

Well they got 45ooo€ in donation with round 45000 visitors.

If you have Questions or want to leave a comment. Please do so below. Any valid question about the Fark or what is there or happened there will be answered, via comment or added in the review.

of course you can comment on stuff, which need clarification or for correction.

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