Finally, today 25th August, at 5pm CET, the FARK Convention starts.

Been planning for the Fantasy and Roleplay Convention, since 3-4 years now. Especialy now it is every 2 years. So far I always missed the date.

But this time, I knew it in time and, well got a hotel room nearby and planned everything.

What do I await and what are my expecations?

Well That is one thing I for sure can’t answer.

I do know what is there. It is listed on their website.

And I go there with no expectation. It is best to let it come to you.

Am I planning something?

Well the Event page says it already. On Sunday is even my B-day. Yep this lion is getting a year older.

I am also thinking to make some Vlogs for FARK, which will be very experimental.

Do not worry the usuals Vid(s) will be made. I do hope I get the pics, vids and possible vlog done ASAP.


Well thats all folks.

For those who are at the FARK, I see you there, you can’t miss me.

And for all others, await the content bomb.

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